Can Nick Foles Lead The Eagles To Victory Against Redskins?

    The Philadelphia Eagles head into Sunday’s game against the Washington Redskins with a very disappointing 3-6 record. Rookie Quarterback Nick Foles will make the start since starter Michael Vick is expected to be out with a concussion.

    Luckily for Foles, his first start comes against one of the league’s worst defenses. The Redskin defense is giving up 300 pass yards per game, definitely something the Eagles will look to take advantage of.

    What the Eagles need to do however is ease Foles into the flow of the game. If they come out with their usual pass happy offense, things could get ugly quick. Although it may lead to a few early three and outs, the Eagles will need to establish the run and also the short passing game. By doing this, Foles can get into a comfortable rhythm and deliver when it matters later on in the game.

    The fact that the Eagles offensive line is composed of backups and that Foles isn’t a very mobile quarterback causes much concern however. Michael Vick was running for his life almost every snap this year, and as long as the Eagles have Foles just throw short passes, he might not have to suffer the same fate. Nick Foles could very well be their quarterback of the future, and you definitely don’t want him to take a beating in his first game.

     The real problem for the Eagles Sunday however, will be stopping Washington’s rookie Quarterback, Robert Griffin III.  

     Griffin has looked really good this year while the Eagles defense on the other hand has been terrible.  The Eagles defense was actually better under ex-defensive coordinator Juan Castillo who was fired midseason. Under new Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, the Eagles have given up 30 points a week.

   The key problem is that the Eagles just simply can’t get to the quarterback. They have only 14 sacks as a team this year, four less than Defensive End Jason Babin’s individual total last year. With no pressure on the quarterback, the Eagles secondary is struggling mightily to keep up with receivers.

   Although there are many flaws on this Eagles team, I do believe they will leave D.C. with a win Sunday and here’s why: Washington has less talent than the Eagles, and also most of these Eagles coaches are coaching for their jobs.

   If the Eagles lose this game, it could easily be the last straw for owner Jeffery Lurie. It would not be surprising at all if most of the coaching staff were to be relieved of their duties.  I do know however that most of the Eagles players all love Andy Reid and would hate to see him leave. Therefore, I think the Eagles are going to lay it all out on the field and will come out with a 24-14 win.




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