With most of the football matters now settled apart from the Champions League Final and the Championship Playoff Final, the media now turns its attention to the transfer market. Of course, the rumours rumble along all season in the background, but now it is time for them to take centre-stage. Most will be fantasy and invented by tired hacks that have column inches to fill, but those journalists who actually take the time to substantiate their claims will find that readers will take more interest in their articles.

All of which brings me to a past favourite; Carlos Tevez. The latest rumours have arisen because of the earlier rumour that Radamel Falcao has agreed to move to Manchester City for around £54m! If that is true, then it seems logical that Tevez will want out from City, as his appearances will be limited. However, if that is the case, where would he go?

The initial suggestion has been Juventus, simply because they have shown an interest previously, however, there is some substance to the reported interest from PSG. That interest has been confirmed by the fact that Tevez has previously been in talks with PSG representatives before, but the talks broke down and Tevez eventually stayed at Manchester City. Some recent quotes by Tevez have thrown new light on the veracity of this story, here is what he had to say during a French TV interview:-

"There was interest from PSG for me, and we talked with Leonardo, but we could not reach an agreement," he told one French TV station in one of those interviews he may claim was misinterpreted and taken out of context. "But it remains an interesting option as the French championship is moving very fast. If Leonardo called me, it's not a problem for me to come, really no problem to come to Paris and France."

There has even been interest from the latest French club to acquire yet another billionaire owner with a `project`, namely Monaco. All three clubs could easily afford Tevez, but my sources have told me that if he does move, it will most likely be to PSG, where he very nearly moved to previously. The summer transfer window opens officially on 1st July, but most clubs will have got their deals completed and ready for registration well before then. The signing of any striker of note will almost certainly trigger the exit of Tevez from Manchester City.