Sometimes you just have to be thankful you're not on the other side of difficult situations.

On one hand we have Arsenal FC, which, if the rumors are true, is about to greatly improve with the addition of attacking midfielder Santi Cozorla. This signing  would give many fans of the north London club even more hope for the upcoming season. Cozorla would be the third high-profile acquisition made by head coach Arsene Wenger after getting Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud earlier this summer. And considering Cazorla's credentials with the Spanish national team, his reported €21 million will be highway robbery for the Gunners.

It appears that Wenger is serious about being able to compete with both Manchester clubs and Chelsea this season. The difference with Arsenal, though is that he hasn't broken the bank to sign quality players. The Gunners' future is looking brighter by the day despite the inevitable departure of Robin van Persie.

Then on the other hand is Malaga CF. Despite being owned by Qatari billionaire Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, the club is deeply in debt and has begun to sell off Cazorla and some of its other star players including Salomon Rondón and Nacho Monreal.

Malaga's financial crisis is so chaotic that the club has recently been unable to pay transfer fees to several other clubs including Villareal, Cazorla's former home, Hamburg and Osasuna. Now that MCF has paid those clubs, its focus has now turned to paying its players wages it has missed due to massive debts. The club's debts could have been paid off sooner had Al-Thani acted sooner, rumor has it. Malaga is threatening to implode just because he doesn't pay close enough attention to his own club. 

The Qatari's decisions over the past year surely have and will continue to enrage Malaga's fan base. This is not how a successful business works, and Al-Thani is losing millions just because of his own ignorance. As a fan of the sport, it's sad to see a whole club be dragged down because of the actions of one person. 

Because of Malaga's stumbles, Arsenal will benefit by taking advantage of this dire situation. Cazorla's addition should be celebrated by supporters of the cannon, but it should always be remembered that Malaga will probably lose one of its best players for non-football reasons. And that is nothing but a shame. 

If you're a fan of Arsenal, be thankful that your club is self-sustaining and responsible with its money. If you support Malaga, then be angry. A situation such as this deserves nothing less than cold, bitter anger. Hopefully Al-Thani learns from this because no club deserves to crumble like this.

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