Just a year ago, Cesc Fabregas completed the move he was dreaming of since he left Barcelona at the age of 16 to join Arsenal. He was returning to his beloved club and doing it as a whole international superstar. Although FC Barcelona paid €40M for him, the fans were delighted to have him back. He seemed the piece that the squad needed to keep on being the finest soccer machine on earth.

But things didn't go completely this way. Yet Cesc had a stunning debut with Barça, his performance at the end of the season (especially in key matches, like UEFA Champions League semifinal against Chelsea at Stanford Bridge) was below the expectations and some supporters were disappointed.

Cesc only recovered his best game playing for Spain's national team this summer at the Euro. He even lost weight, as he admitted, to be in the squad that became European Champions. That annoyed Barça fans.

This summer, Barcelona's new coach, Tito Vilanova, seems to prefer other players like Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets. And new signing Alex Song (also from Arsenal) has put him more pressure. That created a strange rumor a few weeks ago: Cesc could rejoin Arsenal or leave Barcelona in a move to AC Milan on loan this winter if he doesn't play regularly at Camp Nou.

Today, Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo publishes an interview with Fabregas where he denies all these news. 'I never heard anything about that by myself. I just noticed that when my family and close friends read that on the papers and asked me. That's when I tell them that I don't want to hear that kind of things. I just arrived back to Barcelona, I'm not thinking on leave', he says.

 Fabregas also assures he is 'happy and very confident' about his situation at Barça. 'I didn't come here to cry and complain. I came here to work hard and learn from the best,' he states.

After another good performance with Spain (he created the move that allowed Soldado to score the goal in the Spanish victory at Georgia), Cesc wants to focus on Barça again. 'We lost the Super Cup, but we've started the League competition very well, with 9 points over 9. We're on the right track and the team will keep growing', he says.