Suspension! Suspension!! Suspension!!!

The European Champions League Final is here at last, but there will be a number of players who will sit out due to suspension.

Why do we have as many as seven player missing in this year's final? (Four from Chelsea and three from Bayern Munich). Aside from John Terry, who admitted his stupidity when he kicked Alexis Sanchez of Barcelona in the back, all the other suspensions (David Alaba, Luis Gustavo, Ramires, Holger Badstuber, Raul Meireles and Branislav Ivanovic) were harsh.

Referees are making the game less physical and less attractive.

UEFA should reconsider their stance on these suspensions, except for Terry, which came via a red card. The case for Alaba to be in the Final is the most notable, as his yellow card in the semi-final was not deliberate. He did not handle the ball deliberately. Rather, the ball hit his hand as he was falling to the ground, and Bayern Munich was punished with a penalty that led to a Real Madrid goal.

In my opinion, the yellow card was undeserved, and the suspension is unnecessary.

Soccer is a contact sport and the referees should be more judicious in booking players with cards, especially when the contact is minimal and is not meant to hurt the opponent. When a game is stopped too frequently, it becomes less interesting and attractive.

Forgive all the players involved in yellow card offenses and let fans see a more competitive Champions League Final.

What good is it to all involved if quality players are unavailable?