We all knew it would have to end sometime, but we never imagined that it would be such an emphatic destruction. Maybe Guardiola saw something last year that made him realise that it was all over, whatever, even if he had been at the helm, Barcelona would have been utterly destroyed.
After an early period of around fifteen minutes of superiority, Bayern settled down and started to play just as they has finished off in Germany last week. Pressing high up the pitch and making quick counter attacks.

Unfortunately, they missed a host of chances until we reached half time. It was becoming obvious that without Messi, Barcelona were toothless. They hardly mustered a shot on target all night, and remember that this was at the Nou Camp. "Mes Que Une Club" it says, translated meaning more than a club, but tonight they were more like a shambles. They were a ghost of their previous selves and they were lucky that it finished only 3-0 on the night.

I am sure that people like Sir Alex will have watched with glee as Bayern annihilated Barcelona on their own ground, destroying the myth about invincibility that the media just love to spout on about. Bayern are a real football team, with big physical players, who are fit and skilful; no diving or cheating and trying to get players booked or sent off. Bayern are the footballer`s football team. They have restored the games identity.

It will be interesting to see what tomorrows newspapers make of this, as they are full of sycophants who have blindly followed the myth about the `tika-taka` football played by midgets and protected by referees and officials who have lost their compass.

Tonight football won.

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