Chelsea Crowned as Kings of Europe at the Annual ECA Awards

Chelsea have won the title of European Club of the Year at the annual European Club Association Awards.

The awards began in 2012 and reward clubs for successful management, fair play, and outstanding club performances over the course of the season.

Despite finishing 6th in English Premier League (their worst result since the 2001/02 season), success in the F.A cup and a fantastic Champions League run saw the Blues beat heavyweights like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Manchester City to the title.

The awards also recognised clubs that shone in other areas of the game, such as fan relations and the implementation of community programs.

Italian Club U.C Sampdoria won the Best Achievement Award for their fan relations project named "Fair Play Village". In an effort to defuse hostility between rival supporters, the 'Village' allowed fans from rival clubs to meet and mingle before and after the game in Genoa and several other Italian cities.

Club: FC Shakhtar Donetsk won the Best Community & Social Responsibility Programme Award for their efforts in raising awareness on the alarming numbers of orphans in the Ukraine.
You can learn more about it here.

The final winner on the night was APOEL FC, who were awarded The Best Sporting Progress Award. The Cypriot team had a fairy-tale run in the Champions League before finally going down to Real Madrid in the Quarter-Finals.

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