This has gone on long enough. Yet again Chelsea won a game that they should have easily won, especially considering they had a 2 goal lead with just 3 minutes remaining. Now usually a manager at this point would look to see out the game by maybe bringing on another defender, to shore things up at the back, but not Benitez. When it got to 2-1, every Chelsea fan was screaming for Terry to brought on, and yet he brings on Demba Ba for Torres? This of course leads to Chelsea conceding again and drawing the game 2-2. Unbelievable.

This was a game that Chelsea should have had wrapped up, and would have given them a 6 point lead over Spurs & a 10 point gap with Arsenal. But once again, as Chelsea have so famously done in the past, they didn’t take advantage of results around them. It is just classic Chelsea and has happened for many seasons, only this season it’s been happening a lot more than usual. The reason for these recent collapses and the teams inability to see out a lead of course sits at interim manager Benitez’s very big feet, and the negative tactics he's employed.

For a man who has gained a reputation as a great tactician who can make teams defend well, he’s sure doing a poor job of that. Watching Chelsea now is so boring and so frustrating, which is a vast change from the first few months of the season when the team were playing with a real swagger and providing the entertaining football than Abramovich had craved so much. But this brand of football that Chelsea play now is most definitely not the type which puts you on the edge of your seat, and instead puts you to sleep.

Mundane, lack of passion from most and lack of urgency, are the phrases that springs to mind when watching Chelsea recently. Results such as a loss to QPR, draw with Reading & draw with Southampton, both in games where Chelsea were 2-0 up, is unacceptable. Yet you have to wonder why Roman persists with this man? Of all the managers at Chelsea, this is the one who you’d have expected to get the sack.

With AVB & Scolari, yes the football was poor but I don’t remember it being this bad. It seems as if Roman has some sort of loyalty to Benitez for some reason, and doesn’t want to pull the trigger when others would have been given the chop a few weeks ago. It is a run of results which is painful to view, with the only plus from the month being the win over Arsenal, which would have been different had Arsenal had a decent striker. 

There seems to be no progress under Benitez, and you have to wonder if Di Matteo was still manager if things would be much worse? At the moment Chelsea stand 13 points behind leaders Man United. Now if you put the 7 points lost against QPR, Reading & Southampton in games Chelsea should have won, you find yourselves only 6 behind & well and truly in the title race. If only.

The club is in a real state right now, and if I was to list everything that upsets me and angers me about the club right now, this could turn out to be a very long article so I won’t. But to see my club in the state it is, does pain me. The soul is being torn away from the club, and this is all down to this uncharistmatic & idiotic manager, who resembes a waiter you'd find in as Spanish restaurant. But seriously, this was supposed to be the best season for Chelsea fans, competing in 7 competitions and with a good chance of winning at least 1 or 2, but now it seems as if even 1 will be a struggle. We have to sit and watch a man who clearly has no love for the club make decisions that no competent manager would make. 

The fact is that if you put any other manager in with this talented squad, the results would be different. The players don’t want to play for Benitez, and I don’t think that’s down to choice, but maybe just down to how can you get motivated to play for someone you know isn’t going to be there in June? How can you get motivated to play for a guy who is just treating this as a job, and who’d show no sadness if Chelsea were to lose?

It’s a very desperate situation, and it got to the point where when Chelsea conceded the second, nobody was surprised. Textbook Chelsea recently. Many fans will go to bed hoping to see that Benitez is gone in the morning, but I doubt that will happen somehow. The board seem determined to stick by their decision, however horrible it turns out. Roman is so out of touch with the fans, and this can blamed on himself, but also down to Buck & Gourlay who have advised Roman in a horrible way.

Chelsea fans are already looking forward to next season, with the hope of another fresh start under a manager who will hopefully have the competency to do well. This season is a right off, with any hopes of a trophy farfetched with the squad that Chelsea have, and the manager at the helm. Chelsea fans can only hope that Lampard breaks the goalscoring record at some point this season, otherwise there really will be nothing to take from this very forgetful season. 7 more to go.