Chelsea have begun the Premier League season on fire - with six wins out of seven and an unbeaten start to the 2012-13 season. 

Which player in the squad can be considered their most important player? Last year I think many fans would concur that Didier Drogba was a large part of their successes against Barcelona, the Champions League and FA Cup finals. With Drogba leaving for China, who is now the leading man in Chelsea's orchastera? 

In my opinion their are currently three players who lead the chase for this role - the captain; John Terry, the box-to-box midfielder; Ramires and the big new signing; Eden Hazard. Each in their own right can be called a world-class players - but who sticks out as the key figure.

Firstly, John Terry - the recently suspended captain of Chelsea FC. Terry has had a successful career at Stamford Bridge with every domestic trophy plus a Champions League whilst being the leader of one of the best defences the Premier League has ever seen. However a recent drop in form and controvery following him everywhere have lead to his role being called into question. The partnership of Luiz and Cahill is being groomed to take over defending duties, Terry's days could be numbered.

Then we have Ramires, who in my opinion has become one of the best midfielders in the world - certainly one of the most underrated. He can defend and attack and has taken the Lampard role of box-to-box midfielder - his goal against Barcelona was crucial in Chelsea's Champions League run. Whilst perhaps he could get a few more goals, Ramires shows he has the qualities to compete with the best in the world.

Finally, we come to the big star signing, Eden Hazard. The Belgium International was one of the planets' most wanted stars and since he joined the Premier League he has scored and created multiple chances and converted and assisted multiple times. His pace and trickery have made him instantly one of the Premier League's most dangerous players and his positioning and timing have made him that much more lethal.

Whilst Ramires and Hazard both offer something to Chelsea, I don't think its possible to look past John Terry. His leadership and defensive quality make him a most-have for this Chelsea team - whilst he would more than likely walk into every other team - imagine, Terry and Vidic, Terry and Vermaelen, Terry and Kompany and the list goes on. His calmness on the pitch means he can play with any defender and carry them through tough tests - developing younger defenders whilst being able to play at the highest level.