Chelsea News: Benitez Poised To Be Named Permanent Manager!

For all the furore over Rafael Benitez`s appointment as "interim manager" at Chelsea and the continuing protests and boos by certain supporters, there is nothing like a trophy to assuage those dissenters and none more so than sociopath owner Roman Abramovich himself. If sources are to be believed, Benitez will be named manager if Chelsea wins the Capital One Cup. The chances of that happening have been dramatically increased after the abject surrender by Aston Villa last night against League Two side Bradford City. Make no mistake. Chelsea will not allow Bradford to get anywhere near their result against Villa and it is likely to be a cricket score. Let’s hope that Wembley have enough lights on their scoreboard.

Everything changed for Chelsea the moment Pep Guardiola made his decision to go to Bayern Munich, thereby snubbing Abramovich and his Chelsea` Fancy-Dans`. Guardiola was Abramovich`s dream ticket. He usually gets his own way, but this time he misjudged his man very badly, thinking that by just throwing money at him he would come running like some lapdog into the clutches of a maniac. Guardiola however, has a lot more integrity, something which Abramovich does not grasp or understand, so his dreams have been shattered once again. Now he must turn his attention to the managerial role at Chelsea and find someone permanent.

That man is Benitez. I know how painful that must be for the diehard Chelsea fans, but that is going to be the outcome if the inevitable happens. I wonder how many Chelsea fans will be secretly hoping that Swansea do them a favour and dump them out of the competition, thereby further hoping that Benitez will therefore not get the job?

What is obvious is that it is becoming impossible to find anybody crazy enough to take the hot seat at Chelsea, with its trigger happy owner at the helm. You only have to look at the predecessors and their CVs to realise how difficult it has become. The only chance is for someone who is unwitting enough to get snared; someone like Zola maybe!

In the meantime, Chelsea fans must hold their breath as the potential doomsday scenario is played out at the Liberty Stadium tonight. Not the thought of losing, but the thought of Benitez being named permanent manager!