Chelsea News: Chelsea Hit New Low As Hazard Attacks Ball Boy In Front Of Multi-Millions Audience!

It looked like the trailer for a new Karate Kid film! An adolescent being kicked around on the ground by some athletic adult. However, it was just the latest in a long line of Chelsea acts of thuggery and lack of control by players and officially condoned by the club.

With only minutes left in their Capital One Cup semi-final, Chelsea were becoming desperate to score, even though they were 2 goals down from  their first leg at Stamford Bridge. The ball went out for a goal kick and Eden Hazard decided to retrieve the ball to save time. The ball boy had other ideas and appeared to refuse to give him the ball. The fact that Premier League games are "multi-ball" should have meant it ended there, but Hazard had other ideas. As the boy rolled over on the floor with the ball, Hazard aimed a kick at his side. He kicked him forcefully, like some Pulp Fiction movies scene, in the ribs. There was an immediate confrontation between nearby Swansea officials, players and Hazard. When it had all died down, the ball boy had been helped off to receive treatment and the referee had finally managed to calm the players, he red carded Hazard. He had no choice.

Incredibly, on the official Chelsea Twitter account, there was instant condemnation of the decision and an apparent justification of Hazards actions! All of this of course sounds familiar. This year alone, Chelsea has been embroiled in a number of high profile disgraceful events involving their players and the club.

Earlier in the season, John Terry was banned for four games by the FA after they found him guilty of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand last season. In October, the club accused referee Mark Clattenburg of racially insulting John Mikel Obi after their fiery 3-2 defeat by Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League. Clattenburg was cleared by an FA investigation. Chelsea`s allegations were found to be baseless lies attempting to denigrate Mark Clattenburg`s reputation.

Forget the result, which is yet another blow to an already declining empire, the real culprit is a sociopath owner, who the club reflects. Abramovich has a history in his own country where he expected to be obeyed and nobody dared to question anything he did. This was the power he was gifted by the incumbent leader, Boris Yeltsin. Now Abramovich has transferred that attitude to the football club, where from the top down, there is an air of arrogance and contempt for anyone who crosses them.

It is time for the FA to send a message to Mr Abramovich and his mob. Get your act together or get out.

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