Chelsea's eccentric Brazilian defender David Luiz has been the subject of recent debates amongst Chelsea supporters and now football pundits alike, regarding his playing position.

The 25-year-old is a much loved character around Stamford Bridge and is known for his fun loving ways and his infamous expression 'love the life, geezers'. This particular 'geezer' however, may well be playing his football career, out of position.

Heavily criticised during his time at Chelsea for his over commintted challenges, timing and decision making, thus making him a liability at the back, giving away silly free kicks and getting booked too often.

There is no doubting his technical ability, he is gifted with the typical Brazilian touch and skill, he is great on the ball, one of the best at the club. He also possesses a fine finish, in front of goal he is calm and has a rocket right foot. Now read that sentence back and does it really sound like I am describing a centre back? It is more like the qualities you'd see being written about young starlet Neymar. 

Luiz has done a job at the back for Chelsea and the club seem to be sticking with him in the hope that his decision making and rash challenges improve, which they have slightly, but are unlikely to improve any further, not enough to be a world class centre back. He is commited and offers a little more pace than his counter parts John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic, but his pace can be used elsewhere. They have Gary Cahill waiting in the wings, offering a bit more pace as well.

David Luiz must play as a midfielder, not as a holding midfielder like some people say, he simply does not have the discipline, intelligence or the patience to play that role and he will be constantly caught out of position darting forward. 

If you watch Luiz play now, you will always see him making forward runs with the ball, striding out of defence, which is normal for many centre backs, but he does it far too much for it to be normal, he is always caught out of position.

Luiz needs to play as an adavnced central midfielder, or as a right wing back, but perferably as a midfielder. He has the abilty, skill, vision, creativity and goal scoring ability to be hugely affective in an advanced role, he will create and score many goals if put in this position. 

These views have been echoed across the Chelsea supporters community along with recent comments from football pundits, including former Chelsea player/manager Glenn Hoddle, and former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Shcmeichel, who both said that David Luiz is a midfielder.

Chelsea have the cover to allow Luiz to play more advanced and at the age of 25, he will not be developing or learning as much as a 20-year-old will. He has his trade, he is an advanced central midfielder, or with his energy can also play as part of the midfield pivot.