Not so long ago, a good source of mine spotted Mourinho with Chelsea executives, presumably talking about the job becoming vacant at the end of the season, when Rafael Benitez` tenure comes to an end. It seemed at the time, that he saw that job as his escape route from Real Madrid. There was even talk about Ronaldo going with him! Behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge, there were negotiations between Mourinho`s agents and the Chelsea board about certain conditions which he was demanding before he would make the move. In general terms, these were that he wanted a new contract for Frank Lampard and he wanted a minimum of £14m a year. We now know that there was some dithering about these conditions.

In the meantime, Mourinho has spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson about his future and the Manchester United job. Evidently, Sir Alex has said that he wants another two years at Old Trafford, as long as his health holds up. He also made it clear that should Mourinho take the job at Manchester City, he could forget ever being Manchester United manager. Moreover, there were doubts starting to creep into Mourinho`s mind about working with sociopathic owner, Roman Abramovich again. Mourinho likes to be his own boss, so an interfering owner, who knows nothing about football, would not be conducive to his appointment.

That left him with only one viable choice. That is the job on offer at Paris St-Germain. It has been made clear to Mourinho that the Qatari owners want to step up to the next level and see him as the means to make that happen. Needless to say, they will back him with funds should he decide to take them up on their offer. This would seem a logical choice for Mourinho, because it does not jeopardise his chance at Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson decides to call it a day.

As for Ronaldo, it is likely, that despite all of his posturing over recent months that he will stay at least until the end of his contract in 2015. Whether or not Real Madrid is happy for him to do that without signing a new deal remains to be seen.