The saga of Frank Lampard`s contract has finally been settled and he has this morning signed a one year extension. It is thought that Rafa Benitez may had some input into the change of mind, but Chelsea insiders are saying that incoming manager Jose Mourinho made it a condition of his appointment that Lampard and Terry are part of the deal.

Originally, it was thought that Lampard would be allowed to leave at the end of his current contract in the summer and there were rumours that LA Galaxy had been in touch with his agent about a possible move to the United States, however, his wife, who has her own separate career, was not keen to uproot.

The situation surrounding Terry is slightly different in that he has suffered a dramatic loss of form and it may be that he will leave with Lampard at the end of next season.

All that remains now is for Mourinho to make it official that he will be the next Chelsea manager.