Reigning European Champions Chelsea have started the season on fire, in terms of there league position and the fact they are unbeaten. But all may not be as it seems.

Player un-rest is already being reported once again at The Bridge, namely coming from the likes of sulky Spaniard Fernando Torres, who was seen storming down the tunnel after being substituted at the weekend in the during their stalemate versus Queens Park Rangers.

If you look deeper than the results, dissect the performances and tactical stance of the Italian manager, then you will notice that he is still using a very cautious defensive approach, mainly by selecting a left back (Ryan Bertrand) and a box-to-box centre midfielder (Ramires) on either wings.

During this summer Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has spent big once again, bringing in an impressive array of attacking talent, to add to the likes of Juan Mata, Lucas Piazon, Fernando Torres and Daniel Sturridge. 

Most Chelsea supporters began the season with the exciting prospect of watching a newly assembled attacking Chelsea side, that would strike fear in to any opponents. But it wasn't to be, or at least it hasn't so far.

I understand the importance of defending and of course, teams will play more cautiously against the top sides. At the weekends stalemate, they were facing QPR, who are certainly considered a lesser team, a side you should be winning against if you want to compete for that top spot, and a side you can really test your attacking prowess against.

I was as surprised as anyone to see that Ryan Bertrand, who I do believe to be a hugely talented left back, was once again featuring on the left wing, to provide extra defensive cover, as was Ramires on the right wing. This was a chance for Chelsea to show the world, just how talented and threatening their new attacking line up could be, a chance to make everyone stand back and fear the London club.

Marko Marin has just recovered from injury, Eden Hazard was playing, then there was Victor Moses, Oscar and Daniel Sturridge all on the bench. Three players that would be an asset to any attacking part of any team.

I realise the importance of defending and even more so after your team gets a thrashing by Athletico Madrid just a couple of weeks before, you are bound to be cautious. But it is time for Di Matteo to take some risks, let his new boys go out there and show the world that they are a true force.

You can still play in a 4-2-3-1 formation as Di Matteo prefers, and use more attacking minded players in the wide positions, you just need to teach them discipline and that their role is also defensive as well as attacking. Any player is capable of running back to make up the numbers, even if it is just to mark players, whether they want to do that or not. I don't believe in this 'he can't defend, he only likes to attack' rubbish. If you want a player to defend as part of the whole team, then you teach him his role whether he is defensively minded or not.

I feel that Chelsea are a time bomb waiting to explode, they just need their manager to step up and ignite the flame. I completely understand that with the amount of pressure he is under from the board to succeed, he is bound to be cautious, but he will also be under pressure to use the talent that they have spent the money on. 

They need fast attacking wingers who have the skill to get by players, the vision to create and the desire to get back and help defend. If the opponents are counter attacking you, then you must make recovery runs as a team. As long as the two centre midfielders stay disciplined and hold, then you can have a massive array of attacking wonders in front of you, just look at Barcelona for example, it works. 

It is time for Chelsea to pick an attacking line-up with creativity all over the attacking third, if they do this, it will only be a matter of time before they tear another team apart. 

I'm not that naive to state they need to pick these tactics every game, clearly if you went all out against a team like Bayern Munich for example, you will get punished. You must pick and chose what opponents to use it against and what players to use. You must use rotation to keep players fresh.

With this said, I can't see Di Matteo changing much in the next match, as it happens to be against Italian giants Juventus in the Champions League. But he will need to look at changing things in the league.

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