Controversial Chelsea and former England captain John Terry has been the subject of a reported move to La Liga club Valencia at the end of the current season. Unfortunately for Chelsea's rivals, but fortunately for Chelsea supporters, this is purely speculation that was created by a 'FIFA agent'. Whilst seeking the truth to this rumour, taking two minutes to log on to the FIFA website to confirm my suspicions, there is no such thing as a 'FIFA Agent'.

Unfortunately the English press did not do their homework and the story has been broadcast everywhere. Not only do FIFA not have agents, but this particular agent incorrectly claimed that Terry would leave Chelsea in June next year, when his contract ends. However, he is actually contracted for another two years with the club. However, I did not even need to do this research to know that this was just speculation, John Terry, love him or hate him, is a Chelsea player for life, and once he becomes too old to play, he will become a Chelsea Coach for life, and when he becomes too old to do that, he'll become a Chelsea season ticket holder, until the day he dies.

In today's game, there are far too many players who do not play for the love of the club, too many 'money makers' in it for one thing only, not the love of the sport. Terry is not one of these players, this man is an old fashioned centre half who would die for his club, his blood bleeds pure blue. A player who at 31-years of age, is still playing to a quality that when his club plays without him, do not look like the same team.

A player who will literally throw any part of his body in front of the ball, regardless of the pain, as long as it keeps the ball out of his teams net. A true inspiration on the pitch who is a natural motivator and a leader. Yes he is controversial and yes he has had his ups and downs. I'm not here to discuss alleged racist comments or affairs with team mates, that is irrelevant to this story.

Terry is Chelsea, it is not physically possible to leave something that you ARE. Terry joined Chelsea's youth setup from West Ham in 1995, that is an incredible 18 years playing for the same club, an immense achievement in today's game, especially with the society and economy we live with today.

After his recent punishment from the FA and his club regarding comments made to a rival player during the game, now is the time you will see the best of Terry, as always, wind him up, you will regret it on the field. He answers his critics by playing the best football you will ever see from him, which is why he won't be leaving Chelsea, especially not now, he has so much more to win, and to prove. He feels he owes the Chelsea supporters so much for sticking by their beloved captain. That concludes the fact, John Terry will not leave Chelsea.