Roman Abramovich has been spending as though it's his last day on earth and has made the most exciting purchases for his beloved Chelsea in the closed season.

First a pair of Hazards: the elder, Eden aged 21, an attacking midfielder costing £32 million from Lille and the second, Thorgan, aged 19, for an undisclosed fee.  

While Thorgan has been bought with an eye to the future, every club on earth wanted Eden and according to many sources, Chelsea's willingness to part with a £6 million agent's fee may have just sealed the deal.

The next stellar signing is Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior, who is thankfully called Oscar for short. He set Chelsea back £25 million, is a Brazillian international, is not yet 21 and is a world-class attacking midfielder.

Chelsea have parted company with Mellis, Drogba and Kalou and while the loss of Kalou and Mellis should not hurt, perhaps losing the talismanic figure of Didier Drogba will.  

Drogba's loss, will however only be keenly felt if Torres does not rise to the occasion. His mercurial performances last year were hard to comprehend but he did seem to recover his form towards the end of the campaign.  

Forwards seem to suffer more from a 'loss of form,' than most, apart from goalkeepers, or perhaps their mistakes are just easier to spot. Torres is a fantastic player but has not yet retrieved his confidence from the lost property counter at Anfield and needs to turn a corner or face the chop.

Chelsea are likely to offload players before spending a whole lot more, as they need to keep half an eye of the 'Fair Play' regulations. The wages they are paying their new recruits are astonishing but if you want the best, you pay the price.

So what of Chelsea's chances?

If last season was anything to go by, there is little wrong with their defence. Barcelona are still checking to see whether the Stamford Bridge outfit used some kind of magical cling film to render their goal impenetrable during their astonishing encounters.

While aesthetes may grumble about the industrial nature of their wins, most Chelsea fans quite rightly couldn't care less and besides, it's a hell of a unit to which they are now adding more flair.

Roberto Di Matteo went on an amazing journey last season but success is soon forgotten at Chelsea and he will be expected to challenge the big guns. Sixth place was something of a disgrace last season but the Champions League win brushed that under the carpet. 

Interim or caretaker is not a job title he will enjoy and he will be determined to continue to win while retaining a good relationship with his players. His performance is key this season.

Chelsea won the league in 2009/10 and they have a good opportunity to repeat that feat this time. To become Champions, they will need the new colts to gel quickly, for JT to continue to be JT and for Torres to become a fluent Londoner.

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