When Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a youngster, he was on the verge of signing for Arsenal. But Wenger thought he wasn’t worth his price tag. Ever since, Arsenal have been kicking themselves as the Swede has majorly influenced some of the World’s greatest teams.

Now Ibrahimovic plays for French side PSG but Ligue 1 football is at such a poor standard, Ibrahimovic could be on the way out an into England. But which English club should sign the Swede?

Chelsea are in desperate need for another striker. There’s no doubt they have the money for him and a partnership with Fernando Torres would be epic. If Pep Guardiola is given the Chelsea job, Ibrahimovic may move to London and to Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal could do with a new star. They’ve struggled since they sold their last key player, Robin van Persie. Ibrahimovic would be astonishing brilliant at the Emirates but I would have thought that Arsenal’s ambitions won’t match Ibrahimovic’s.

Man Utd don’t need a new striker. But if they purchased Ibrahimovic on top of having the two best strikers in the league, they would almost certainly win the league by Easter. They would purely unstoppable. But it’s not going to happen.

Manchester City undoubtedly have the money to buy the Swedish star but comparable to United, they don’t need him. Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli on top of Ibrahimovic would be far too much for Mancini to handle.

At this moment in time, Liverpool and Spurs aren’t in a position to buy Ibrahimovic. I don’t think he would see them as a plausible side to join. It’s most likely that he would join Chelsea if any team. But it’s all down to PSG and whether they’re going to let the Swede go.