With rumours flying about that the in form Colombian striker could be heading down to the Bridge, it raises the question. What would he offer Chelsea?

Chelsea's midfield in itself has improved since they became 'champions of Europe' with the additions of Oscar and Hazard, who provide the side with much more of an option to play more attractive than perhaps they could during the Champions League win. When Di Matteo was forced to play what many percieved as 'negative football'. Falcao's potential strike partner Fernando Torres has improved since a difficult first season, perhaps still the shadow of the player he was at Liverpool he is still showing signs of the complete striker he once was.

Falcao would, undoubtably add more complete side to Chelsea's game. With his abilty to seemingly drop off and bring more space for midfielders, something Oscar and Hazard would thrive on with their attacking nature. Torres would surely excel, having somebody to compete with on goal wise would motivate him. With both having the ability to go wide and create width, danger could be created from all directions, fencing opponents in a trident of delightful attacking dangers. Mikel and Rameries will be encouraged with the chance to play risky through balls in that Falcao would instantly pounce upon, the Colombian is deadly within the box, something that is a rare and prized asset in modern football. 

Goals would come, in their exaggerated form 'in their thousands'. Falcao's ability to find the net is second to none, almost as efficent as Pele inside the area. Falcoa would surely provide Chelsea with opportunties to explore their attacking nature. That perhaps at this early stage in the season, hasn't excelled yet. Teams would be closed out by Chelsea, Falcao's addition would create Stamford Bridge into fortress in which no team could even take a point. With Falcao in the team, Liverpool's point on Sunday may have been an impossibility