Chelsea vs. Man United Recap And Analysis: Dersperate Chelsea Accuse Referee Of Racist Language To Avert Attention From Crowd Throwing Objects

In a desperate show of sour grapes, Chelsea has accused the referee, Mark Clattenburg of directing racist comments at two of their players. After years of dreadful decisions against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, it is a bit rich for Chelsea to complain. In fact, they were lucky not to have another two players sent off for bad, over-the-top tackles on United players, but escaped with a warning by the referee.

It goes without saying that Sky Sports News will take Chelsea`s side in this situation as they always have done in the past, but nothing can change the result which is richly deserved by United.

One reason for the accusations from Chelsea is to avert attention from the fact that there were objects thrown from the crowd at Javier Hernandez after he scored the winning goal. It was unlucky for them that one of their own match stewards was injured by their own fans sufficiently enough to require hospital treatment. That will mean an investigation by the FA, and probable consequences for Chelsea for not controlling their own fans.

The accusations against the referee will be easily sorted out, because each of the four officials has an earpiece and a microphone, and each one can hear what is being said by each other. That being the case, it is just a matter of asking the other three officials whether they heard any racist comments from Clattenburg. The likely result is that it is a complete red herring to throw the FA off the dreadful scenes of Chelsea fans throwing objects at United players after they scored.

Roberto Di Matteo would do well to show a little more good grace in defeat instead of carping on about decisions and making ridiculous accusations about a well-respected referee.