Chelsea's eccentric Brazilian star David Luiz has never been short of controversy during his short playing career and it is looking like the 26-year-old may want out of Stamford Bridge.

Luiz revealed this week that he has been talking a lot about 'The PSG project', referring to the incredible squad that is being built over in the French Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain. He confirmed that he has been talking about it with his Brazilian team mates over in South America during the Confederations Cup and said that "the club made a good job in Ligue 1, and there have a very good players like Lucas Moura, Thiago Motta, Maxwell and Thiago Silva". He is also said to be excited about teaming up with his National defensive partner Thiago Silva.

However, Chelsea will not wish to sell one of their best player, who had been converted from a centre back to a centre midfielder by interim Boss Rafa Benitez last season. He is considered a key player and many had touted him as a future Chelsea captain. Never shy of the media, Luiz has often talked to the press regarding various issues and is always quick to voice his opinion. 

This will not sit well with the Chelsea staff and it is thought that new Boss Jose Mourinho will have showdown talks with the versatile player when he returns from International duty. The no-nonsense Manager see's Luiz as an important player for his re-building of the team and will attempt to convince him to stay. Both Portuguese nationals, Luiz and Mourinho will be close in terms of communication and the situation will soon be resolved either way.


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