Early on Tuesday morning, quotes started to surface that were apparently said by Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay in a press conference whilst away in Kuala Lumpar. In the press conference he apparently stated that talks were ongoing with Frank Lampard over a new contract. This immediately caused uproar in the media, as people thought that maybe the board had finally seen sense, and offered this club legend a new contract. Wrong. 

Within a couple of hours the club came out and said that Gourlay had in fact been misquoted, and that the club would not talk about player situations at that time. Every Chelsea fan’s heart dropped. Given a brief bit of hope that number 8 might be staying next season, before it’s taken straight away. Chelsea fans had some great news last week when they found out that Benitez wouldn’t be there next season, but I think the news of a new contract would be greeted even greater than Benitez’s exit. 

But as it stands, the club don’t seem to be interested in offering Lampard a new deal, and it looks increasingly likely that the midfielder will leave at the end of the season. You know the club are making a bad decision when EVERY fan of every club & every pundit are telling you that it’s a bad decision. Lampard has shown this season what he can still do at the grand ‘old’ age of 34, scoring 17 goals this season and remains just 4 away from the all time record at Chelsea.

One things for certain, and that’s that one team is going to pick up a bargain when Lampard leaves the club. For a man who is still such a role model, an inspiration to kids and who always conducts himself in the best man, it’s a very rare thing to find nowadays with England players. As an ambassador for the club there really is no one better, and no one who has a more squeaky clean record than Frank Lampard. 

The club seem to be convinced that this legend is replaceable. But how can you replace a man who led the side to their 1st Champions League in Munich, who has been at the heart of Chelsea’s midfield for more than a decade, and has scored more goals than any other midfielder in Premier League history. The answer? You can’t. We won’t see a player like Lampard probably ever again. Even at 34 he still goes box to box in a matter of seconds, and is a key cog of any side. He is ‘irreplaceable’. 

Yesterday’s denial of a talks over a new contract just confirmed to me, and many other Chelsea fans what we’ve known for quite a while, and that this will be Lampard’s last season in a Chelsea shirt. Chelsea really know how to treat their legends correctly...

With 10 Premier League games left, and as many as 21 games potentially left for Lampard, the record is within touching distance for him. With so many games left, surely he has to get 4 more goals and bow out as the greatest goalscorer in Chelsea history? It would be a fitting way to end his Chelsea career, that’s for sure. Just like Drogba wrote himself into Chelsea history with what he did in Munich, Lampard could do the very same if he reaches the magical number of 203 by the end of the season. Believe.