Chicago Bulls Rumors: Michael Redd Signing Would Be Too Much Of A Good Thing

Since Derrick Rose became the face of the Bulls franchise four years ago, Chicago has been trying to surround the superstar point guard with top-notch shooters. According to one recent report, the Bulls' latest quarry is a former division rival who's still on the free agent market.

According to Fox Sports' Sam Amico, Chicago is among several teams pursuing former Bucks sniper Michael Redd. The 33-year-old guard is an unrestricted free agent after playing 51 games for the Suns a year ago.

On the face of it, Redd is just the kind of player the Bulls need to complement Rose (once the latter returns from ACL rehab). Redd would be an inexpensive addition to the bench while still providing valuable offense with his still-formidable catch-and-shoot skills.

However, backcourt depth in and of itself is no longer the issue for the Bulls that it has been in the past. This offseason, the Bulls have already added three free-agent guards with impressive shooting pedigrees: Marco Belinelli, Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson.

Redd also doesn't have much to offer as a defender at this stage of his career, so he won't be any help replacing the departed Ronnie Brewer's contributions off the bench. That responsibility will still be in the hands of little-used second-year man Jimmy Butler, to the extent that Tom Thibodeau opts to find playing time for him.

Factor in starter Rip Hamilton, whose own skill set closely mirrors Redd's, and it's hard to see what Redd brings to the table that the Bulls don't already have on the roster.

In the Bulls' defense, Redd is likely to sign for the veteran's minimum, and bringing in a talented player for a bargain price is never entirely a bad thing. Still, with so many similar players vying for minutes in the backcourt, it's hard to believe that Redd's hypothetical spot on the roster couldn't be better spent elsewhere.