A.J. Green could be the best receiver in football. Also, Skip Bayless could be the most eccentric analyst in all of sports. 

Bayless normally sticks to his day job of trying to sell America on Tim Tebow, however, this past week he has tried to market A.J. Green as possibly the next big thing in the NFL. Just on the surface the statement that he will be the best receiver by seasons' end seems outlandish. But if you really start to breakdown the best receivers right now in the league, that outlandish remark seems almost logical.

You can throw Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald in the top-3 but after that it's really a tossup to fill out the rest of the top-5. Last season Green hauled in 65 balls for 1,057 yards, scoring seven touchdowns with rookie quarterback Andy Dalton under center. You can only estimate that those numbers are only going to get better with experience under both the belts of Green and Dalton.

But can Green compete with the top-3 in regards to size? Why, yes. At 6-foot-4 Green is taller than both Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson and just an inch shorter than Megatron. So the fact that he has the size, the speed and first-year production that turned heads has to get him at least in the conversation, right? 

At the end of the day the difference that is going to earn him ranks as a top receiver in the league is going to be how good Dalton plays. As they say "a receiver is only as good as his quarterback".

In any case the season still has to be played to reach a verdict on this debate. But on the surface, and only on the surface, it appears that Bayless may be on to something, and not something that will have American screaming at him. Perhaps at the end of the day America wil give him some praise, something that has become scarce for Bayless these days.