Dallas Cowboys News: Jerry Jones Locked The Championship Keys In The House

 The Dallas Cowboys are 2-2 during their bye-week.  The Cowboys are behind the Eagles and Giants who are both 3-2 and are half a game ahead of the Washington Redskins who are 2-3 in the NFC East race.  The Cowboys are going through the normal procedures of a bye-week in the NFL. The Cowboys are trying to get players healthy, signing a player or two to fill the gap of injured player(s), while preparing for next week’s opponent, the Baltimore Ravens who are currently 4-1.

 Over the past few years, the media and fans have constantly debated who should be fired or removed surrounding the Cowboys football team. Currently, the firing of head coach Jason Garrett or removing Tony Romo as the starting quarterback is the center of the debate on how to get the Dallas Cowboys moving in the right direction.

 The Dallas Cowboys’ overall win and lost records over recent years has removed them from being the elite “America’s Team”. The success that once permeated their illustrious history since the early 1970s has diminished. The Cowboys continue to have tremendous talent, a relatively new head coach, a state-of-the art-arena to play in and an owner who will spend the money to win. This synthesis should be a formula for success but, it is not.

There are twelve games remaining in the regular season. Enough wins to make the playoffs and leading to maybe one win north of the regular season will not solve the ills facing this Cowboys organization.

 In business, a qualified observer can usually match the level of success, over-achievement, mediocrity or failure by how a company or organization operates from the top down. The status of the flow emanates from the leader at the top, for the Dallas Cowboys the buck stops with Jerry Jones.

The ever quick technological changes occurring in the world today are leaving companies that were leaders in their field literally decimated by competition. Technology forces new leadership in the marketplace. The business reference for this type of occurrence is called an inflection point. When inflection points occur, a company reacts and makes the difficult cultural, product, management and strategic changes necessary to withstand the power flow of the inflection point. If there are no changes made in response to the pressure the company will stay in their comfort zone and possibly never reach the status they once held in the marketplace.

 Jerry Jones, the Owner, President and Manager of the Dallas Cowboys is at an “inflection point” where he has to make changes for the Dallas Cowboys to return to former glory. Consequently, Jones must prep to perform ocular and structural realignment surgery. Now is the time for Jerry Jones to reach to the Dallas Cowboys' past to determine how the organization can return to their standard of excellence.

Leadership, team building and effective decision making are necessary components for winners of team championships.  Some great business decisions by the Dallas Cowboys recently have increased the value of the organization. The link from these decisions however, has not created the proper culture to produce the championship mindset that made the Dallas Cowboys America’s team.

All past, present, great and consistent championship organizations and teams were founded on ownership and management that pursued, demanded and set the fundamentals of excellence as a prerequisite to be in the organization in any job.

The owner selects those for leadership positions in the organization who have the unique ability to make balanced decisions, properly direct those under their supervision and can teach and execute the professional details down the chain of command for everyone within the organization from the CEO to the janitors. In order for an NFL organization and team to be successful it must have great management from the top down.

Over the years, great Dallas Cowboy leaders of the past, such as, Tex Schramm, President /General Manager from 1960 to 1988, head coaches Tom Landry, 1960 to 1988, Jimmy Johnson, 1989-1993, and Barry Switzer 1994-1997, were all different men but they all possessed special qualities that helped frame the championship brand, The Dallas Cowboys.

Each of the Cowboys’ former coaches, Landry, Johnson and Switzer had the ability to see beyond the talent and into the heart of the players while driving them to be the best. They looked for players who possessed that special will to win. The keys of the mission for talent is teamwork; execution of the fundamentals, hard work, a relentless desire to win and the ability to recognize the right time to make change. Some players do not have a vigorous ‘want to win’ attribute albeit their talent and their paycheck.

Every team and organization claims to but, the past Cowboy management and coaches did follow-up on the small details that determine wins or losses. These coaches were able to teach their players the professional execution of the game of football, while creating a standard of excellence in their players, as a team that endeared the franchise to fans all across America, because they won.

In the great traditions of the past, there is a lot to be desired of the current Dallas Cowboys leadership. Reaching into the keys of the past can fortify the future rebuilding of the Cowboys. Finding those past like eagle eyes who burn with passion to win and who will accept nothing less than the best is the key to unlock the blueprint for new championships.

True winners do not care who gets the credit, their key focus is about winning and when you win everyone will share the glory. In the goldmine of the past, names like Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, “Too Tall” Jones, Bob Hayes, Michael Irvin, Bob Lily, Deion Sanders, Emmett Smith, Tony Dorsett confirm the key of the Dallas championship mentality. 

Four men, Schramm, Landry, Johnson and Switzer from 1960 through 1997 with the support of ownership were able to:

·       Win five Super Bowl Championships

·       Appeared in eight Super Bowl games.

·       16 NFL/NFC Games

·       Division Champs 21 Times

·       30 Playoff Appearances

 Jerry Jones, as owner of the Dallas Cowboys organization has made so many great improvements and increased the value of the team. Jones must now make a selfless sacrifice for the team and bring key management leaders into the heart and soul of past championships that will execute the vision of the future. Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champions . . . America’s team. The keys are in the house for the Dallas Cowboys and to once again hearing fans exlaim loudly and proudly, 'How about them Cowboys.'

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