Dallas Cowboys News:Due To Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten Injuries Romo Receiving Depth Is Scarce

The Dallas Cowboys have arguably one of the best set of skill position players in the NFL. Tony Romo is coming off one of this best season statistically, and with Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten to throw to, he isn't lacking for playmakers.

However, they haven't been able to build chemistry this preseason. Bryant and Austin have suffered through hamstring and knee injuries while Jason Witten suffered a lacerated spleen in the Cowboys' first preseason game against Oakland a few weeks back. His availability for the season opener against the New York Giants is still in question.

Preseason may not count in the record books, but teams need that time to build chemistry before the regular season starts. Unfortunately for Dallas, they play their first game of the season five days before 30 other NFL teams have to step on the field in week one. That may not sound like a big deal, but that's five extra days of healing that the Cowboys need right now.

Good news is that Demarco Murray has remained healthy thus far, and Kevin Ogletree has come on strong the last few weeks for the number three receiver spot. If they can keep getting production from Ogletree, it will take the pressure off Austin or Bryant to rush back into action.

We all know that getting off on the right foot is crucial in football. An 0-2 or 1-3 start is difficult to overcome in today's NFL.

If Romo wants to prove his critics wrong this season, he needs his full arsenal of playmakers. Time will tell if that will happen. Bad news is - time is running out.