The Dallas Cowboys are more than likely going to retain embattled quarterback Tony Romo. There are numerous reasons for this. To begin with, because it certainly is the biggest reason, owner Jerry Jones is vocal about his commitment to Romo. His son Stephen, who is in line to inherit complete control of the franchise, agrees with him and they both firmly believe that Tony Romo will win a Super Bowl as a Dallas Cowboy and truly be worthy of his lofty career stats. Another reason Romo is likely to be kept on is the fact that, yes... he has pretty good regular season stats. He threw more than 3 interceptions twice this year but managed to close out the season with "only" 19 interceptions, which tied him with Drew Brees for most in the NFL in 2012. At midseason though, he was on pace for 26 interceptions, so he managed to clean up his act on the stat sheet.

Yet, once again the Cowboys came up short as Romo completely failed to carry his team over the top. Again.
Jerry Jones is not yet to the point where he will fix the problem that is Tony Romo, so he will continue to place the blame on the coaches. Maybe head coach Jason Garrett gets fired, maybe he doesn't. Maybe defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gets fired,maybe he doesn't. Romo might just very well stay, but if he doesn't and the Cowboys don't end up extending his contract beyond this year, which is when it expires, then he could very well be traded. Maybe even signed as a free agent. But, who would take him?
Arizona Cardinals
The Redbirds had a tough year. After starting the season 4-0 Ken Whisenhunt's squad dropped 9 straight before defeating Detroit 38-10 and then losing their final 2 games.
Playing through injuries and an absolutely hopeless quarterback situation, the Cardinals finished with 5-11 record. Whisenhunt was fired last week after six seasons as head coach. So, the Cardinals are clearly in rebuilding mode. Their only viable weapon on the offensive side of the ball is still Larry Fitzgerald who turns 30 this year. They've got some exciting players on defense, but without a running back or a quarterback all of the very same problems that have plagued the Cardinals since Kurt Warner retired are alive and well. Romo would be a serviceable fit, with Fitzgerald running the primary routes, but the Bidwells (who own the Cardinals) have never been keen on signing high-profile free agents; even Kurt Warner was a New York Giants castoff backing up rookie Eli Manning.
They do, however have some exciting players on defense (namely the young superstar-in-the-making cornerback Patrick Peterson). The only way that Romo would ever end up in Phoenix is if there was an orchestrated trade... in such an event the Cowboys could easily come out on top, because the Cardinals are desperate.
New York Jets
Remember when Rex Ryan took this team to the AFC Championship game in his first two yers as head coach? Remember when he did it with a younger Mark Sanchez and an older LaDainian Tomlinson? Yes, the once-golden future of the New York Jets has been thrown into utter chaos after a dismal 2012. Regression is a painful reality of the NFL, the since the Jets last played in the AFC Championship game they have gone 8-8 and 6-10, respectively.
The problems here are actually quite minimal. Of course, the New York press will hound any New York sports team until the end of time, and in this climate we fail to realize how many key players were injured over the course of the season. We also fail (apparently) to see the obvious: that this team wasn't "bad" until they acquired Tim Tebow, who was never needed and was never used. Owner Woody Johnson is a vocal conservative Christian, so it seems to me to be even ore obvious that the only reason Tebow ended up in New York was because Woody Johnson wanted him on the team for political reasons. Sure, Tebow brings attention to your squad, but the Jets don't play in Minneapolis or Nashville... they never have an attention problem.
Everyone knows the Jets have a ton of talent and can trade for almost anyone. Regardless of what would happen the Jets have the most talked about QB situation in the league. Sanchez was never anything but an era filler to begin with and Tebow should probably be playing another position anyway (like fullback or tight end). Additionally, Tebow is rumored to end up in Jacksonville for the 2013 season. If the Cowboys ever sought to trade Romo the Jets would be a prime contender. And, if the Cowboys didn't extend his contract you could expect the somewhat clueless front New York office brass to break the bank on a guy like Romo.
Oakland Raiders
There isn't a franchise in the entire league that has spent ore time developing "projects" than the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis is no longer the owner but his son Mark carries on his tradition of bringing in players who are fast (above all else) and trying to sidestep their way to success by signing a guy like Carson Palmer who is not even a shell of what he used to be.
In more ways than one, the Raiders come off as a team that makes its personnel decisions as if it was being run by a 16 year-old kid playing franchise mode in the newest Madden video game. Of course, they only signed Palmer because they needed him... and they only needed him because they make some of the worst personnel decisions (like when they put a useless interception clause in Nnamdi Asomugha's contract that voided it and allowed him to bolt for Philadelphia).
Tony Romo would be an absolute disaster on the Raiders, but that has never stopped the Raiders from doing it their way before, and I don't see why it would now. After all, Romo is a superstar (because superstars are those people that papparazzi follow on vacation) even though he has never won anything. For what it's worth, he's also a very tough player. No one ever gives him that kind of credit because he;s always too busy losing games for the Cowboys, but he is very tough and would work well in Oakland... for about a minute... before he starts throwing interceptions and angering the Black Hole to no end.
What it really comes down to is the fact that Tony Romo is a commodity. He just is. He's like what Terrell Owens and Randy Moss were. He's a player with talent that is overshadowed by the numerous other negative effects he has on his team. For Owens and Moss they were locker room poison, but Romo is just a cancer on progression. Other teams salivate at the opportunity to play against the Cowboys because it's like an Interception Christmas sometimes.
Of course, Romo has his moments and no matter what I or anyone else says Jerry Jones could be absolutely right when he says that Romo could blossom late in his career the same way John Elway did. On the other hand, he could very well not... and the Cowboys could end up wasting an entire decade on him. I'm not too sure how long the fanbase will tolerate it, and Jerry Jones should start paying closer attention to that. The Cowboys can't make ridiculous profits forever, and if the Washington Redskins (who are the 2nd most valuable franchise) ever end up topping the Cwboys on the Forbes list, you can bet Jones will start to take it seriously. Until then, however, I think the Cowboys (and their fans) are stuck with Romo.