When David Beckham announced he would be leaving LA Galaxy for 'one final challenge' a whole host of rumours popped up. The latest linking him with a move to QPR after Harry Redknapp, QPR's new manager made his desire to snap him up clear. "David could still be a great asset to anyone. Just having him round the place, showing people how to train and look after yourself. His professionalism is second to none."
Many would question whether Beckham could cope to the pace of Premier League football at his age. But like Scholes and Pirlo in Serie A, he'll slow it to his own pace and spray it around. His usual right midfield position might not be ideal, however as a central midfielder he could certainly function and would be effective in bringing the likes of Tarrabt into play. 
His set pieces wouldn't go a miss for QPR, when they are getting dominated like they do sitting so lowly in the table. Set pieces become beneficial, especially when facing the top sides that won't give you an inch of the ball.