You know what this article is about.

So let's start with some facts. Thomas has done little in his two years in the NFL. Thomas did not even play last season until the Broncos faced the Dolphins on October 23, Tebow's first game as a starter.

If Tebow had ANYTHING to do with Thomas's starting that game, Tebow will be forgiven for cursing.  Even if he says it out loud.

Now let's get some stats. Thomas's 32 catches in 2011 was 10 more than he had in 2010. He nearly doubled his receiving yards, from 283 to 551. He doubled his TDs, a grand total of 4 for 2011. And finally, he had that playoff game winning touchdown catch against the Steelers. Now people outside of "The League" know his name.

He even got to throw a pass in the Tebow Offense! And... it was incomplete. 

Thomas has a history of dropping the ball, even when Tebow was not delivering him another "duck." At Georgia Tech, Thomas developed a reputation as a receiver with great potential, but one that routinely dropped the ball. The most infamous drop occurred against the interstate rival, the Georgia Bulldogs, in 2009.

In defense of Thomas, he has played in two offenses dominated by the run. But then again, shouldn't that assist receivers? Wouldn't a run oriented offense make it easier for receivers to get wide open, especially when the cornerback or safety bites on the play action? So why so many dropped passes?

Simple answer, Thomas has no hands.

Thomas is an NFL receiver. A receiver that will earn nearly 2 million in 2012. His job is simply, catch the football. He needs to learn to catch the ball with his hands in front of his body, and stop pinning the ball against his chest. Shoulder pads are hard for a reason, protection. Shoulder pads are not the pillow target that QBs want to throw to. Hence the phrase, so often used to espouse the talent of receivers with great hands, "he has soft hands."

Thomas has amazing YAC ability, as can be seen in his most memorable catch against the Steelers. But first, he has to catch the ball before he can rack up the YAC.  

Thomas must stop dropping the ball and get over himself. It seems he owes Tebow some gratitude for the opportunity that was given to him in 2011. Tebow wasn't stealing his spotlight. Thomas never had one, until Tebow came along.