With Michigan starting in the top ten in the coaches poll, Denard Robinson is a hot name in the Heisman debate.

If Michigan stays ranked high and they  win the Big Ten title, or at least a birth in the Big Ten title game, the exposure could really help Robinson be a Heisman hopeful.  Robinson's numbers have improved in the passing game and we all know he can run almost at will. Under the tutelage of Brady Hoke it seems like he has a real chance to become a high profile passer.  If you look at his passing numbers from last year they were much better than his critics gave him credit for, calling him a poor passer.

 Most observers think he is a one-trick pony only being able to run, but 2173 yards passing and 20 touchdowns is not so bad.  If Robinson takes one final leap forward in his senior season under Hoke and cuts back his interceptions from 15 to say 9 and boosts his touchdowns to maybe 24 or 25 and can get his completion percent to more around 60 percent instead of 55 percent then suddenly he is looking like a Heisman passer.  Add to this his ability to run all over the field and break of the big play running like a punt returner in the open field, and guess what we have a Heisman Trophy performance.  

As much as I love a passer who sits back and makes big plays with his arm, Robinson's style of play brings wins and even I can't deny it is fun to watch.  The only thing that can really keep him from being in the Heisman talk is Michigan crumbling under the pressure of being highly ranked going into the season.  So let's see if Michigan can do their part to keep him in the Heisman talks all season.  Brady Hoke, should look to find another position for heralded backup Devin Gardner other than quarterback and keep Shoelaces on the field behind center where he belongs.