You are all decked out with your new Ohio State Jacket and hat. Then a Michigan fan walks by with that big cocky smile, boasting about Michigan’s win in “The Game” last year. You think about how on earth this person could be fooled into being a Michigan fan. So you start to think of things to tell him, just to give him a friendly reminder of why your precious Buckeyes should be the ones with the cocky attitudes. From the perspective of a biased Ohio State fan, Denard Robinson would be considered worse than Braxton Miller. (B. Miller: 56.8% Completion, 14 TD Passing 6 INT; 1214 yards rushing with 13 TDs. D. Robinson: 53.6% Completion, 9 TD Passing 9 INT; 1044 yards rushing with 6 TDs this season.) You tell the Michigan fan this and he has a lot to say back to you.

He says that even though Denard Robinson hasn’t lived up to his Heisman potential this year, he has made a great impact at Michigan. He retaliates, “Miller can’t throw the ball!”

You look at him with curiousity on why he would think such a thing. You try to come up with a comeback. “Oh yah? Well….. umm… Denard Robinson sucks!” Then it hits you. He doesn’t suck.

Denard Robinson, when healthy has consistently proven to be one of the most versatile players in the Big Ten, if not all of the NCAA. As a sophomore, Robinson both passed and rushed for more than 1500 yards. He has led UM to the 2011 Gator Bowl and the 2012 Sugar Bowl. He is definitely the model of THE Michigan man, being the team captain this year. Denard hasn’t lived up to his pre-season hype, the Wolverines have lost three games so far this season (Alabama, Notre Dame, Nebraska) and was knocked out of the Nebraska game with a hurt elbow. His injury is a blow to his final season with Michigan, as his touchdown rate slows down.

You can’t argue that Robinson wasn’t a legacy at Michigan. Although he probably won’t be a great NFL guy, he can always be considered one of the greats to play NCAA football. For now, he is the player the 11-0 Buckeyes need to be worrying about. Buckeye fans don’t want to admit it, but Denard Robinson is one of the best of the best.