Adidas is mounting a magnificent mini-series documentary of Derrick Rose's rehabilitation progress.

This comeback ad campaign by Adidas is one of a kind and is truly original in the sense that their showing Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, and sports fans a more in-depth look at the calm, soft spoken, & humble Chicago kid that grew into the leagues youngest MVP.

Rose isn't the NBA's most polarizing, controversial, or even most dominating player, but definitely (prior to his injury) the most exciting to watch. Standing about 6'3 and weighing around 190lbs. Rose captivates the NBA and opponents with his quick acceleration, lightning speed, killer crossover, and freakish dunking ability for a point guard.

If you don't believe all of this then maybe the fact that Rose's jersey and Bulls mercandise by the end of last season were the highest selling in the league might change your thought process about the aforementioned.

Here is the first episode of Adidas and Derrick Rose's rehab return.

In the video fans get to see Derrick Rose in a more intimate manner and contrary to his quiet personality get to listen to the pain in his voice and his thought process about the injury throughout the video emotionally narrating every word.

Adidas focuses in on the beautiful Chicago backdrop that molded Rose into that humble Midwest assassin other NBA franchises fear. Rose has gone on record and publicly stated that he doesn't and wouldn't recruit other players to come play for the Bulls. However, seeing downtown Chicago should make more people wonder why no one wants to just go play alongside Rose in a Bulls uniform especially considering his unselfishness and the rich history that NBA franchise has.

In addition, fans also watch Rose's doctor proclaim that Derrick could comeback at potentially 125% after rehab due to a more regimented training program because Rose had all this athleticism before the injury.

Towards the end of the video Derrick Rose declares: "I wanna be great. I'm gonna be great, there's no doubt about it."

These last words send Goosebumps up and down the viewer's body because you cant help believing that an even bigger sleeping giant might have been awakened making Bulls broadcaster Stacey Kings famous adjectives "Too Big. Too Strong. Too Fast. Too Good," to describe Roses's game safe for another season.

The Chicago Bulls might barely sneak into the playoffs in the 2012-13 and if they do it will probably be on the leagues youngest MVP's shoulders (& knees).

Chicago Bulls owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, a couple of weeks ago said that he would make sure no one lets Rose comeback earlier than doctors orders. Reinsdorf recalls in the 1985-86 season Michael Jordan broke his foot and missed 64 games, but returned earlier than expected to lead the Bulls to the postseason.  Reinsdorf admits that the gamble they took that season worked out, but promises not to do the same with Rose.

Adidas "The Return" campaign definitely keeps Rose alive in his fans and publics conscience waiting for more in hopes of a speedy recovery.