Detroit Tigers News: Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown: The “King of Swat”!

Miguel Cabrera is an artist with a baseball bat. He paints pictures with his batting stroke, much like his name sake the famous artist /painter Miguel Mateo Maldonado y Cabrera did with his paint brush. Miguel Mateo the painter, (1695-1768) was recognized as the greatest in all of New Spain, which today is Mexico. One Cabrera with a brush and one Cabrera with a baseball bat, both men painted in strokes of greatness. Until someone comes along to take the Triple Crown Miguel Cabrera is the greatest hitter in baseball. Carl Yastrzemski had the great honor of being the last Triple Crown winner since 1967, 45 years ago. This fact alone makes Miguel Cabrera’s achievement a Mount Everest experience. There are only a few who can claim the Triple Crown in Major League Baseball’s history.

Miguel Cabrera’s mountain-high statistics made him the American League leader with 44 home runs, 139 Runs Batted In, (RBIs) and a league leading .330 batting average. Cabrera’s home run hitting is not a one season wonder. He hit 30 home runs in five consecutive seasons and reached over 30 home runs in eight of nine seasons. In his early career, Cabrera rose through the farm system ranks to debut at age twenty in the Majors. He eventually hit 1,000 RBIs before the age of thirty putting him in a class with Hank Aaron, Albert Pujois and Lou Gehrig.

Many experts, players, managers and fans know and/or say about the artistry of Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera’s batting talent; whatever you pitch him he can hit it and Miggy is a pitcher’s nightmare. He can hit the ninety to one hundred mile an hour fastball, the curve ball, the slider, the inside pitch, the outside pitch, and the knuckleball you get the picture. What also makes “Miggy” Cabrera great is that he can call up a hit when he really needs it. Just look at his closeout to win the Triple Crown. The homerun race was down to the wire. The RBI’s race was a race to the finish line too! But it didn’t matter Cabrera called up hits when he needed them to finish the race to become the first Latin American Triple Crown batting champion.

Cabrera is a patient hitter who waits for the right pitch he needs for the situation on the field. He is known for his proficiency at hitting all types of pitches. Cabrera is a dangerous hitter to every pitcher in the American League. Where is his weakness? What pitch can get him off his game? You decide!

Cabrera’s swing is so smooth that it seems effortless. His stroke when approaching the pitch almost seems too slow but he is right on time at the right speed, meeting the ball after it has done all that the pitcher can do to throw him out. Cabrera hitting reminds me of the “Sultan of Swat” Babe Ruth. The Babe would swing so fast that his stroke looked slow but smooth. Babe with what looked like an effortless swing would swat home runs out of the park in waves. The Babe was feared by all pitchers because he could call up a hit when he really needed one. Babe Ruth remains an icon in the annuals of baseball history. Cabrera has swatted his way into the history books as one of the greatest hitters in Major League baseball’s history. Cabrera can say now, move over Carl Yastrzemski and look out Babe the “Sultan of Swat” there is a “King of Swat” in town, Miguel Cabrera has Triple Crowned!