As Benjamin Franklin was once quoted saying, 'three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.' It appears Dwight Howard doesn't apply that same level of privacy to his own life. Howard's never ending trade saga continued on Wednesday afternoon as Twitter messages between Howard and a follower with the handle @MagicMarkee were leaked, in which Howard ripped the Orlando Magic organization and their handling of his trade demands and recovery from back surgery in May.

In the messages, Howard ranted about the Magic's history of mishandling every superstar player they've ever had without going into specifics. Howard also admitted that he has not been able to run since the surgery and that the Magic don't care about him.


Howard is due to make $19.54 million next season, and will make up to $100 million in his next contract but instead of worrying about the Benjamins he'll be making in the future,the 26-year-old should be following the aforementioned advice from Franklin himself. Howard's public relations team should erase any relationship with Howard from their resumes because Wednesday's Twitter leak was just the latest misstep by Howard who has muddled through a disastrous free agency.

Just before the Mar. 15 trade deadline, Howard ultimately decided to waive his opt-out clause and postpone his free agency to 2013 rather than becoming a free agent during the summer of 2012.

 In April, Stan Van Gundy revealed to the media that Howard had asked management to fire him. Just moments later Howard obliviously walked over, denied the rumor and asked who the media's source was.

Howard has again done an about face in the offseason after Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith were dismissed from their posts by asking for another trade to the Brooklyn Nets. Howard has also run off potential suitors by reportedly claiming that the only tea he would re-sign with is Brooklyn. Howard is running out of options as the Nets won't have the assets to trade for Howard before the season after they re-signed forward Kris Humphries and center Brook Lopez to multi-year contracts this month.

While the tweet did come from Howard's Twitter account, Howard's account is reportedly handled by a numerous people including the All-Star center so it is unknown whether Howard personally sent the messages.

If this summer is any indication, it's that athletes should avoid sending sensitive messages over Twitter whether it's public or not.

In June, New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire was fined $50,000 by the NBA for tweeting a gay slur via directing to a fan.  Michael Jordan's son, Marcus accidentally tweeted what was meant to be a direct message to a porn star.

While this isn't a fineable offense, it will only further fracture his relationship with the city of Orlando and management. After the events of this summer, it would take a miracle for Howard to wear a Magic jersey again.

The Magic are currently entertaining trade offers from the Lakers and Rockets but those proposals have reportedly been shelved while the Magic conclude their coaching search.  

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