Awkward has been the most common description of Thursday's shoot around press conference with coach Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard, but that doesn't accurately describe the situation that the Magic are now mired in.  

The NBA playoffs start in three weeks and the Magic are falling apart, so much so that claiming they have "championship aspirations" will guarantee that "LMFAO" is the most common phrase to be texted, tweeted and updated until they are knocked out of the playoffs, if they make it.

Milwaukee Bucks fans should be very excited.

The question the Magic need to answer immediately is "what do we do now?" Do you accept the fact that you are going nowhere this post-season and make moves now, or do you wait until May, or April if Milwaukee can get on a hot streak. Once they decide when to act, they will have some tough decisions to make.

Do you fire Van Gundy? If so, who do you replace him with?

Charles Barkley suggested that Howard doesn't respect Van Gundy because he doesn't have a ring. Then what good would firing Van Gundy do? There are all of three current coaches with a ring.

Greg Popovich and Rick Carlisle are going to stay in Texas. That Leaves Doc Rivers. Remember him Orlando? The guy you fired in 2003? He does live in Orlando, but signed a five-year contract extension with the Celtics last year. So if Howard will only respect a coach with a ring, then Orlando is in trouble.

The other possibility is trading Howard. There weren't any good deals for Orlando this year and decided they would take a chance that Howard might be persuaded by the massive fan outcry for him to stay. The Magic thought they were lucky when Howard murkily told Orlando he was staying, well, for at least one more season.

But that should be enough time for the Magic to find the right deal. How about a Howard-Jameer Nelson for Kevin Love-Ricky Rubio trade? Maybe even throw in Hedo Turkoglu. That may be far-fetched, but the Magic now have time to make a trade like that possible. They are obviously not going to get a championship with their current make up of players and coaches.

Regardless of what they do, or don't do, the Magic must address their front office. Spreading gossip like a 15-year-old girl on an iPhone is not the way championship management acts. These moves should be made immediately, they must purge their team of this garrulous front office, and replace it and create a winning atmosphere, similar to what the Lakers had, and what the Spurs, Mavericks and Celtics have.

General manager Otis Smith got the ball rolling in the right direction by simply telling TNT "We had a nice conversation...I talked to them both, they both listened."

He also gave some indication that Orlando is not going to make any moves this season, as far as Van Gundy and Howard are concerned.

Hopefully, he has a different opinion of moves in the front office.  

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