The next transfer window opens officially tomorrow, 1st July and that is when the real deals are done, and not the phoney stories being put around by the UK media who are evidently starved of any real headlines.

With that in mind, we appear to be on the brink of this summer`s transfer saga, namely Edison Cavani, currently a Napoli striker. Anyone watching his performances in the recent Confederations Cup, in Brazil would be forgiven for thinking that we weren`t talking about the same player! However, there seems to be an almost indiscernible and irresistible urge by top clubs to pursue the player whether they really need him or not.

The latest club to be `in talks` with the player is Chelsea; of course, they are linked with just about every top player in the world every time the transfer window opens. In this case, the best piece of information has come from the player himself, who has been quoted as saying that he does not want all the attention and he is not in talks with anybody about anything!

In any event, the figures being bandied about are around the £40m mark; well short of the £53m which is wanted by Napoli. Their president recently stated that it would not be sorted out until 20th July at the earliest. Quite what particular relevance this has to anything is lost on me, but hey, there you are.

Personally, I do not think the player is worth anything like that amount. Yes, he was top scorer in Italy last season, but how has he done in international competition? Very poorly! There are better players available for half that money; Lewandowski is one of them. I expect that Cavani will finish up staying where he is and Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid pursuing their real targets as it becomes clearer who they are.