Just when England and the FA had started to gain some credibility after the John Terry racism scandal, they have shot themselves in the foot. Having had the time to consider what he was doing before sending a tweet calling the FA a "bunch of t****", Cole has made a series of apologies to try and rescue his England career. However, most media commentators have condemned this as a cynical attempt to get to 100 caps. Cole`s original `apology` was a sent via his solicitor and not in person as has been suggested by Sky Sports News.

Now we have the spectacle of England manager Roy Hodgson grovelling because he feels that the matter has been resolved. Yet another spineless abdication by an England manager who it seems is quite happy to slag off a former captain and respected England player, Rio Ferdinand, by discussing his team selection with complete strangers on the London Underground, but not of enforcing some integrity in the team after the disgrace of Terry, who Hodgson also backed before he was found guilty.

Maybe Hodgson has one eye on the Chelsea job once he has failed with England. Whatever his motives, he has demeaned the job of England manager to the level of Mike Bassett in the satirical film of the same name.

Cole, meanwhile, has had the brass neck to attend the opening of the new England training centre at Burton. He was there to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with David Bernstein, chairman of the FA. It was Bernstein who allegedly felt that Cole`s apology was genuine enough to let Hodgson include him in the England squad.

It seems that spines are at a premium at the FA!

Poeple around the country must be wondering what sort of pantomime is going on at the FA, when one of the England players sends a disgusting tweet criticising them for finding Terry guilty of making racist comments to Anton Ferdinand. Is it any wonder that nobody outside London have the slightest interest in the national team whilst it is run by a bunch of T****!(sic)