The English media's bias is renowned. It was almost inevitable and therefore unsurprising that the English media has attempted to rally around English national team manager Hodgson's ever increasingly irrational decisions regarding his team selection. Having obviously bowed to media pressure to leave out Ferdinand, whilst retaining the disgraced Terry has come the expected rally from the usual culprits.

Sky Sports News is renowned for spinning news against Manchester United since their owners failed bid to buy the club a few years ago, so it is no surprise that they now scour the country to find someone who will support Roy Hodgson's outrageous decisions. It would be laughable if it were not so serious. Here we have a national broadcaster trying to spin the indefensible by wheeling out known critics of Ferdinand and trying to dress it up as impromptu comment.

The truth however, as always, is more pointed than that, and it is a major embarrassment for Hodgson, right before the tournament begins, that his judgment is being called into question already.

Having made a statement that he was leaving out Ferdinand because of 'football reasons', he was forced to make changes because of a catalogue of injuries to players in the defensive area of the team. This is the very same area in which Ferdinand excels and has been one of the top centre backs in the world for a number of years. So, imagine the surprise, when he picks a player, aged 21, who has a grand total of two minutes playing time for England, to replace his injured centre back instead of Ferdinand.

Martin Kelly plays for Liverpool, or should we say, is a player for Liverpool, because last season, he played as a substitute all season and rarely made the team at all! So for what reason would a manager ignore one of the best defenders in the world and play a total rookie who can't even get in a game for his own eighth place Premier League club.

Are there football reasons behind his decision? No. Political reasons. Because of the racism charge facing Terry for racially abusing Ferdinands brother, Anton, Hodgson decided not to leave out Terry, the perpetrator, but Ferdinand, whose brother is the victim. Why is that? Part of it can be attributed to media pressure. Terry is much loved by the London-based media because he plays for Chelsea, whereas Ferdinand plays for Manchester United, much reviled by the media in England.

This decision is all the more remarkable, when you consider that Italy, facing corruption charges against some of their players, left out high profile Domenico Criscito even though he has not actually been found guilty of anything. They, at least, had the integrity to leave out a potentially disgraced player whereas Hodgson obdurately ploughs on with Terry regardless of the consequences.

What does that say about the so-called anti-racism in football in England? The English media loves to criticize Italy for its problems with racism on some of its football grounds.Yet England's national team is taking a stance to support a player who has been charged with racism against another player. The word you are searching for is hypocrisy.

So, despite all the fine words and posturing, English football and the media are as culpable as any other country of turning a blind eye and victimizing the innocent.

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