English Premier League Weekend Preview

Every point matters at this stage. There will be late goals, relegation battles and of course the biggest Manchester derby this weekend.

For a change this week, we leave the mid table teams. We look at matches where teams are fighting hard to survive in the league. We take a look at the title decider. But one thing for sure, this week promises to be a super exciting footballing weekend.

Here we go...

Stoke City vs Arsenal

Arsenals are very much in for the third place but Stoke always has been a tough opponent for the Gunners. With Theo Walcott ruled out for the season and Robin Van Persie not in the goal scoring form, suddenly things look certainly tricky for the Gunners. Stoke on the other hand have nothing left to play for but after a lifeless performance last week they might have something to prove to their fans. Predicting a 1-1 draw leaving Arsene Wenger sulking.

Wigan vs Newcastle

Wigan have been the giant killers of the league and they would like to add New Castle to the list. If they win this one then it would be a big step towards avoiding relegation. New Castle have been playing free flowing goal Scoring football and with a victory here would set them  up nicely for a Champions League place. This one promises to be a super exciting game with both sides pushing for a victory.

Chelsea vs QPR

A champions League final and FA cup final would lead many to believe that Chelsea may be the Champions of England but sadly it's not so. Chelsea looks different in the league and have lacked confidence even when playing against weaker teams. They face a hungry QPR side that is looking to avoid relegation. Chelsea has a lot of tired legs after the mid week match against Barca. You can expect QPR to give Chelsea a run for the money. Predicting a tight match with Chelsea surviving due to a late goal.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Bolton

Spurs look like a kid who has lost its way. Leave aside Champions League football they are not even able to string a decent set of results. Be it the out of form players or lack of available options this is the last chance for Harry Redknapp to ensure Spurs stay in race for the 4th spot. Bolton is neck to neck with Wigan and QPR in points table and with 1 extra game in hand they also feel their chances against Spurs. Spurs will do just enough to get 3 points.

Manchester City vs Manchester United

The tabloids are full with stories and TV channels are buzzing with talks of the biggest match in this year's Premier League. Sir Alex described it as the most important derby in his entire career .Lets face the facts. After gifting away 3 points from a commanding position Manchester United find themselves in this position where a loss would put City in Pole Position. City look to have found their wheels and with Aguero, Tevez and Silva all firing certainly City look stronger. But hardly have United won a title with ease and comfort. They like to leave it to the last.

United or City...................Take your Pick  ..............Pick your color Red or Blue..........Don't miss the football.