EURO 2012: England Press Conference Highlights Stubborn Out Of Touch Hodgson!

It has always been a bit of a mystery why Roy Hodgson failed so spectacularly at Liverpool. The media spin was that it was one of those mismatch situations. However, we are now seeing the real Hodgson. A stubborn and intransigent dinosaur who only sees his own point of view and sticks to a negative set up that has served him well in places like Sweden. However, when you scrutinize Hodgsons  managerial career, it is a litany of coming second. Hodgson is the nearly man of football management.

He took unfashionable Switzerland to the last 16 of the World Cup in 1994. During his reign at Finland, they rose to 33rd ranking. Their highest place. He has been a beaten finalist in the EUFA Cup and Europa League Cup. Hodgson managed Inter and took them to 7th and then 3rd place in Serie A. A year later, Luigi Simoni took them to 2nd in the league and won the EUFA cup. Are you getting the picture?

Hodgson was second choice despite the rhetoric from the FA. He is second in almost everything. Now England have been reduced to a side that is " difficult to beat!" When have England ever been reduced to this?

Hodgson was also manager of Blackburn Rovers. This was when Jack Walker was still alive and putting money into Rovers. Within a matter of months into the new season, Hodgson had lost the dressing room. Eventually he was sacked in November 1998 with Blackburn bottom of the Premier League.

His time at Liverpool was an unmitigated disaster and the way that Steven Gerrard kept his face straight in the England press conferences by claiming that he got along with Hodgson at Liverpool, places him in contention for an Emmy award.

Hodgson managed to guide Liverpool to third from bottom of the table before the management stepped in and put him out of his misery. But not before he had saddled the club with signings like Konchesky, Danny Wilson and Brad Jones to name a few.

Hodgson is at least consistent. He never wins anything, but ploughs on regardless, stubbornly refusing to see anything other than his way. His teams are negative, boring and tactically naive. World class players he left behind like Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick must be laughing into their tequilas at Hapless Hodgsons donkey derby brigade of substitute players.

One thing is for sure. None of the top clubs in this country will be knocking on Hodgsons door when he is removed from his position as England manager. England have now become a Mike Bassett fiasco with a calamitous failure at the helm.