It would be easy to forget that an actual football tournament was about to start with all the bewildering confusion surrounding hapless manager Roy Hodgson and his England B team. However, the time for action is nearing with Monday's day of destiny against a surging French team on the horizon.

You would think therefore, that Hodgson would be deep in thought about tactics and planning his strategy for the match. However, an alarming report has been trickling out of Sweden by an obscure reporter stemming from an interview with Hodgson last week at Wembley Stadium.

This interview came after Sven Goran Ericksson's laughable comments about there being a smear campaign against his friend Roy Hodgson. Coming from the manager who took 17-year old Theo Walcott to the World Cup in 2006 without having watched him, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

When Hodgson was asked about the match against Sweden, a match that could very well end England's participation if the anticipated hammering against France ensues, he seemed particularly bemused.

Hodgson's immediate enquiry was to whether Sweden had played on the previous day. However, he had to be informed that it had been played on Wednesday. He went on to ask about the result, which was a 3-2 Swedish win over Iceland. As if that wasn't enough, he further enquired as to how they played, who scored, and who the stand out players in a addition to a number of other questions.

It was suggested to Hodgson that he might have watched a video of the match to which he replied that he's got enough on his plate with his own team.

Ultimately this revealed that the illustrious manager, captain calamity of the great ship England B had not been scouting his second day opponents. Of course, none of this was reported in the main media channels like Sky Sports or the BBC who appear to be busy towing the official line in a misguided attempt at patriotism.

It's gotten so ridiculous that some have facetiously suggested that a poll be conducted, with a prize for the winner, to see how many times Sky reporter Nick Collins mentions John Terry in his reports before the England match.

Overall, this England national team has been a disaster during the Hodgson era and if the English side doesn't perform well in the group stages, the plug should be pulled on the Hodgson immediately after the tournament.