If you look at bare statsistics, then the win against Sweden looks to be an epic result, however, look past the rose tinted media hype and you will see that England beat possibly the worst team in the competition. Not only that, but they almost blew it by letting in two goals in the second half that would have embarrassed a Sunday pub team.

The truth is that they got lucky with Gerrard making a pass in a million that even Carroll could not miss. That will not happen against teams like Germany or Spain, nor indeed most of the teams in the next round should England manage to get out of the group. As we witnessed yesterday, competitions like this can throw up some surprising results, none more that Russia being beaten by Greece. Everybody laughed off their chances, yet they are in the next round whilst Russia is going home. England fans in their usual delusional hysteria think that it will be a walk in the park against Ukraine next week. It will be anything but.

It also seems odd that Hodgson chose to play down Welbecks piece of genius in flicking the ball past the goalkeeper for the winning goal whilst he made an almost embarrassingly over the top pronouncement about Theo Walcotts deflected shot and his cross to Welbeck for the winning goal. This was probably to assuage the media who, being mainly London based, wanting a positive story about a London based player who has disappointed on so many previous occasions.

Of course everybody is expecting Rooney to score a hat trick against Ukraine and England to go marching on, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will not be the cake walk that England fans and media alike are hoping for.