When it comes to making a disaster out of difficulty, we in England are the masters. No more so that when it comes to our national football team.

English fans already knew that the cards were stacked against them when Rooney was red carded and realized he would miss the first three matches of the tournament. One thing that then-national team manager Fabio Capello did get right, was to beg UEFA to cummute the ban, and he duly got his way and the penalty was reduced to two games. Even then, journalists in the media carped about the propriety of such a decision. The same journalists whom are now leading the false cheerleading of a lost hope.

Now we have the pessimism transformed into to kind of reverse psychology where, because we accept we have no hope of success, and have no expectation, by some twisted logic it means we actually have a better chance. In case you are finding that hard to follow, by following that logic to its conclusion, that would mean that Germany and Spain have no chance, because they are so far superior to us.

This is by far the worst England team I have ever seen, and I have been watching England since the 1950s. It is being led by one of the most uninspiring managers ever to don the blazer, and it is being hyped by a media either delusional or more likely, worried about their circulation figures.

Hodgson's style is to make the worst of any situation and then compounds things by stonewalling any discussion of his reasons. By comparison, the same stonewalling habits were exhibited by ex-Manchester City chairman Bernstein, yet the media is happy to play the game and not report a blatant cover up.

Real England fans are staying at home, or going on holiday to try and forget about England as games tickets are undersold by a 70 percent. Local children were press-ganged into attending the England training session, with the reasoning given that it was to avoid any of those nasty `Ultras` making things uncomfortable. The truth was more cynical. It was to avoid anyone with a shred of footballing knowledge witness the pitiful efforts on show. 

They will no doubt be wheeling out England as the comedy warm up act for the final. Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick must be laughing their socks off watching the antics from Hapless Hodgson and his troupe of clumsy clowns.