Whilst blundering England manager Roy Hodgson was busy making desperate statements about the Ferdinand affair, his teams next opponents were smashing four goals past Estonia. As if that wasnt bad enough, Sweden, whom England plays after their match against France this coming Monday, beat a respected Serbia side, 2-1.

Matters took a further turn for the worse for the hapless Hodgson, when John Terry, who is at the centre of the racism storm  involving Rio Ferdinands brother, Anton, is struggling with a hamstring injury. Anyone with knowledge of this type of injury knows that without the requisite rest it will flare up again when the players resumes match conditions. Terry's form has been poor towards the end of the season in any case, but at least have experience. Should he have to go off in the first match against France, that will leave Hodgson with a backline of rookies, besides Ashley Cole.

It is hard to remember a worse England team than the one assembled by Hodgson, made up from teams that finished mid-table in the Premier League, however, that has been compounded by injuries and incomprehensible exclusions. It is not just commentators that are now beginning to question Hodgsons motives for leaving out Ferdinand and not Terry. Today, there were some high profile critics of Hodgsons actions, namely Robbie Fowler and Harry Redknapp.

Hodgsons cause was not helped when he got a ringing endorsement from serial lothario Sven Goran Erickssen, a previous England manager who presided over a series of scandals and lack of success in the latter stages of competitions. That was trumped by the backing of convicted kerb crawler David Pleat! Hardly the types of people you want to be backing your cause.

The final coup de grace has been the revelation that there has been a dreadfully low uptake of tickets for all of Englands three group stage matches. An uptake of around 30 percent does not instill any confidence that anyone believes England will even get out of their group. The likelihood is that they will be out before Wayne Rooney is eligible again for the last group match. Fans are voting on Hodgsons tenure as manager already, not by shouting or complaining, but by not turning up at all.