A lot has been made of big players not turning up for their country. But should we really be this shocked? Many contemplate whether international football is completely different to domestic football. Moreover many claim that Champions League football is also different from the domestic game.

It makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Perhaps Ronaldo is the best example. Over 60 goals last season for Madrid but his international career is mediocre in comparison. You might say 'Yeah but he's playing with lesser players than at Madrid.' but why should this affect one of the world's best players? It shouldn't and what's more he played to a high standard for Sporting at the start of his career. It can only be one thing: international football is different than other forms of the game.

But why is it so different? Well they don't play with their team that often so acclimating is a problem. At club level they have a whole pre-season and then a long winded season together. Players also train less at this level. They don't have a weekly structure of training and then a game on the Saturday. Just one training session before and then a team briefing is all that is required at international level. Not only are there players that are worse but players like Nicklas Bendtner perform at a higher standard in international play.

It seems some players "try harder" because they want to do well for their country and others "try harder" for money. Obviously players don't get paid for playing for their country so some that only play for money won't perform. A cynical view but it makes perfect sense. This just backs up the point of international football being so different.

This shows people can't judge a player on their international performances. Some are seeing players such as Alan Dzagoev for the first time and rating him. Just like Thomas Muller was rated at the last World Cup, Dzagoev is being rated at Euro 2012. Have they seen him play for CSKA domestically? Probably not, they just want to have a view point on him.

The only reasoning to this is rating a goalkeeper. Rating a goalkeeper is like eating a McDonald's. It will taste the same where ever you are. Goalkeepers play the same wherever they play.

Along with international football, Champions League and Europa League football is also different to domestic games. Mainly because they are played at a different pace to their league matches. But just like Dzagoev, people still rate players they see in these games. They probably shouldn't because they will probably play completely different.

You always get people making assumptions about players but you can't stop it. People want an opinion on every player they see because they all think they're experts. But that's what makes football so great. However, just don't name a player you think your club should sign if you've only seen them in an International or Champions League game. You should only rate a player on their domestic performances. Unless you're an international manager of cause.