EURO 2012: Roy Hodgson's English Spoilers Go Out

Having limped out of the easiest group, England's Hapless Hodgson's spoilers were taught a football lesson on Sunday as Milner and Carrol particularly looked like the donkeys we all know they are back in England. The fact that the Germans were praying that we would win says it all.

Much has been made of Gerrard by a hysterical and prejudiced English media, but the sad truth is that he was shown what a really world class midfielder looks like in Pirlo. Moreover, every touch by Terry was greeted with embarrassingly over the top praise by a media desperate to show its bigotted bias for a disgraced former captain who by rights should not even have been there at all.

Even more embarrassing was the ridiculous BBC commentary where we were treated to Mark Lawrenson criticising every touch by Ashley Young whilst conveniently overlooking Gerrard giving the ball away in his own area along with Terry who got caught several times moving up when Ballotelli got in behind. Lawrenson might be good for a laugh with his off the cuff remarks, but his comments are farcical and no value whatsoever.

Rooney was not fit enough and that showed as the second half progressed. Without him we are sunk, full stop. Welbeck went off to make way for the new Heskey, donkey Carroll and from that moment onwards we were never going to score.

The media also continually and falsely mentioned the spirit` or `togetherness` as being some kind of national panacea for the lack of technical skill or attacking nouse and guile shown by the Italians.

England played like West Brom and got what they deserved. The majority of players were from teams that finished outsdide of the top four and it showed. It will be the same in the World Cup with a manager who alienates our best players and has the charisma of a plank.