UEFA have today announced that Euro 2020 will be played all across Europe. A mistake that Platini may regret, with the Euro currency in decline, the football tournament could go the same way. Extending the Euros to 24 teams already seems a disastrous idea, the quality was plain to see in Euro 2012 and it will be evidently lacking in France in 2016. 

The qualifiers may seem a pointless exercise, perhaps they are in 2016. With 24 teams in the competition, its harder not to qualify. One of the major strengths of international competition is travelling to an individual country and then the host nation spirit is revelation to watch for most.
The potential candidates to host Euro 2020 were Azerbaijan, they recently held the Women's under 17 world cup a tournament that was a success, bringing significant strides in developing football in the former soviet states. Wales, Ireland and Scotland were also on the cards, after the disappointment of missing out on the 2018 world cup, English fans would agree a tournament so close to home would have been ideal. 
Despite this, the FA seemed keen on the idea, encouraging Platini to award the final to Wembley. Platini would probably oblige, the Champions League final is to be there in 2013 and has been in there in 2011. For Uefa, it seems a popular venue. 
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