On Desember, 30th Goodison Park will be covered in blue. Two of the biggest blues in the premier league will lock horn. They are, The blues Chelsea and the other blues, the host, Everton. Which side is the better blues? Which blues will close their 2012 with tears and which with joy? This match provides the answer.

Recent Form

Impressive. That’s the right word to describe these blues most recent form. Everton is enjoying their winning streak. Up until today they have gone 6 matches without defeat. And the other blues, which is, Chelsea have 4 wins and 1 lose in hand, but their recent 3 matches have been all kill. 9 points on their hands. With the shocking 8-0 win on Stamford Bridge against Aston Villa, Torres back on form, clean sheets on their 3 last matches, it seems like nothing could go wrong for Chelsea. But don’t forget, Everton is more than capable to set the Benitez’s lads off the track again.

Key players to watch & Probable Line-ups

Davi Moyes will not go easy on Chelsea, he definietly will go all-out in this match. Looking from the recent matches, He will probably put Baines-Distin-Jagielka-Neville to help Tim Howard on the post. Everton will use 4-4-1-1 rather than 4-4-2. Because looking from the recent form, they use 4-4-2 to play against teams like Wigan, West Ham. While they use the 4-4-1-1 formation when they played against Tottenham and Manchester City. Looking at those patterns that’s why it is more likely for them to use 4-4-1-1. In front of the defender, Moyes will rely on Mirallas-Gibson-Osman-Pienaar. Actually, they still have Naismith on their bench, but looking from the situation, its probably better for Moyes to put someone with a decent speed and more attacking to keep up with Chelsea’s young midfielders. And the second striker’s role will be given to Anichebe while the lone striker will be Nikica Jelavic. But, one thing, With this formation, Moyes could go with either4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 depend on the situation, my guess is, they will play safe with the 4-4-2, and will change to 4-4-1-1 of Chelsea use Man Marking.

The Spaniard is enjoying his streak right now. No doubts, Chelsea have been doing very well, after their defeat in Corinthians’s hands. That lost is their wake-up call and now, here they are, unbeaten in their 3 matches. After slamming Leeds 5-1 in the FA cup, looks likeone victory is not enough for them. 4 days later, Aston Villa hammered by them 8 GOALS without reply . And the latest match, Norwich surrender to them by 1 goal difference. The worry is in the air, “Are Chelsea running out of fuel again?”. As I said, this match will provides the answer. Looks like Benitez will put his “Winning team on the pitch”. Starting from the goalie, Peter Cech. And, the defenders, Cole-Ivanovic-Cahill-Azplicueta, the midfielders, looks like Luiz will be starring again, because of his brilliant performance for the last 2 matches, accompanied by Frank Lampard, the one who will get away? Upfront, looks like Hazard-Mata-Moses who will start to support Torres.

Who to watch? In Everton, Rafa Benitez should really watch for Anichebe. When everton lost Fellaini after the headbutt incident, Moyes choose Anichebe to fill the shoes left by Fellaini. And it isn’t a bad decision, 1 assist and 1 goal in his last 2 matches, make the Everton fans forget about Fellaini for a while. With the same playing style like Fellaini, Anichebe adapt instantly with the toffees style of play. If Rafa Benitez didn’t want another defeat, the he should really ask the defenders to watch out for this guy.

In Chelsea, David Luiz is on fire! Playing as the holding midfielder, along with Lampard or Mikel, he unpredictably did it well enough. 1 goal 1 Man Of the Match in the last 3 matches make him someone to be watched out. Luiz is versatile, good with holding on to the ball, and creative enough to play, makes Chelsea seemlike they have 12 players on the pitch. Luiz can be a good defender and a good midfielder for Chelsea. 3 clean sheets and 14 goals while he play as the midfielder is a prove that he is good enough with this role. Moyes should know how to handle him.


A win for Chelsea, but not a big win. Because Everton will put up a good fight and in the end its those 2 key players that determine which blues will go home with 3 points.

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