Manchester City, having spent billions of pounds on players and facilities has been roundly beaten by a club and team that is worth virtually nothing in real terms. However, where there is real heart and passion, there is the will to win and Wigan had that in spades.

The FA Cup is true romance and today was no exception with Wigan playing Cinderella. City has spent fortunes to try and compete with the top clubs, but it just shows that it is one thing buying all the top players, but it is another thing winning things fairly. Wigan proved that team work will always trump mercenaries and money-grabbing players whose only passion is how much they can screw out of the game.

Congratulations also to Dave Whelan, owner of Wigan Athletic, whose own FA Cup dream was shattered exactly 50 years ago as he suffered a broken leg playing for Blackburn Rovers in the final of 1963.

Justice was done here today, where the true footballing club beat the financial cheats of Manchester City.

Well done Wigan Athletic.