Danny Amendola was one of my sleeper picks last year. 

I was excited for his potential with young quarterback Sam Bradford and Josh McDaniels calling the plays. I saw a break out year ahead.

But Amendola didn't break out. He just broke his arm. The slight in stature wide receiver dislocated his right elbow in the season opener against the Detroit Lions.

This year, I wrote Amendola off. Didn't even consider a guy who was playing in a decidedly inexplosive offense coming off an injury.

Well, Amendola returned with a vengeance to help my week two opponent defeat me.

With 15 receptions for 160 yards and a touchdown, Sam Bradford got the ball to him all game long as the Washington Reskins were powerless to stop the tandem.

The outburst erased the incredible game Dwayne Bowe had posted for my squad. 

Prior to the game, I'd made a mental note at how foolish it was for my opponent to even give Amendola a start.

Now? I feel like a jackass. 

And to make matters worse, I had Steven Jackson starting in one of my running back slots. Off to a torrid start with 58 yards on 9 carries, the big back strained his groin and to the sideline he went for the remainder of the game.

He was injured on a play in which he appeared to score a touchdown. The referees didn't see it that way, however, and ruled the ball did not cross the goal line.

His backup--little known Daryl Richardson--rumbled for 83 yards in Jackson's absence, leaving me to dream of what might have been.

It certainly wasn't a banner day for Team Bubby Brister, but I'll keep my head up and fight the good fight. You know, prepare the troops for battle next week. I'll try to convince Matthew Stafford to quit throwing INT's. Try to get Ryan Mathews in game shape. Try to find a defense that won't earn me -2 points like Oakland's did.

Odds are, I'll be back here griping next week.